21 grams

21 grams

Every day and every minute
A being collapses,
Over the clouds or under the ocean
Or just stops being there –

Nobody understands.
Everyone fears.
More for others
Than for self,
Humans at their finest, is it?

The loosening of grasps
And the sighs that are heard no more,
The closing of eyes,
With the snap of the threads.

What difference does it make,
If it even makes any?
For instances that go up,
There are instances going down.

How is it that so much matters,
When none of it does?
How is it that it’s all enforced,
And yet we feel
So closely?
How is it that it is common knowledge,
Yet surprises us with bursts of panic?
How is it an unsolvable mystery,
When humans have created means for it?

Try as we might,
Those 21 grams that they take away from us
Are the heaviest of the burdens
We get to carry throughout our time.


inspired by: the loss and fear we feel for the people we love.
"what happens when we die? - i know that the ones who love us will miss us."

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