Book Talk: Gilded Cage

BOOK: Gilded Cage

AUTHOR: Vic James

Gilded Cage.jpg



So hey, this one’s by my own people – Vic James! She was once an active part of the wattpad community, and it’s always so good to see writers going from online text to printed text, especially when the online text territory has been the one where I have spent so many years reading and writing.

Coming to the book, to be honest, at the very beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I received the book as a part of The Bookling’s Crate, I had never heard of the writer before. I was clueless as to what to expect from this read. So yeah, you could say I did not really expect anything.

The book went on to be in my shelf of future reads, until a few days ago when I decided to pick it up and give it a slight read. There were two things going on in mind: (1) What if I can’t get past the first chapter, because it is a ritual for me to read the first page as soon as I lay hands on a new book. So I did have the tiniest idea of how the book began (2) What if I really liked it? I don’t like to read books in series before at least three of them have released. I am bad with patience. Period.

But since I had nothing else that I could read at the moment (yes, Dan Brown, I need two particularly work-free days to finish your book in one sitting, so Inferno is kind of far behind in the race at the moment), I picked up the beautiful cover that you see above.

And, I read. Gilded Cage.

It took me some time at the beginning to settle into Vic’s way of writing and the scenes she walked us through. I read through while being clueless about what Skill really is, through the hope of seeing Leah again somehow, through the confusion of which brother was which. This was all the beginning though.

But once I had my footing firm into the story, everything seemed relatively easier to understand. Except, of course, one thing.

Why did the bloody names have to be so difficult to pronounce and memorize? Do you know that moment when the writer gives a really difficult spelling to something and you just dfhbfbwef through the entire story whenever the word appears?

Yeah, that was my condition throughout the book. And the worst part of it was that it was not one word that went dfhbfbwef  for me, it were several words. Maybe it’s just me because I’m not exactly a fan of strange and eccentric names, but this was one thing that broke my concentration more than once.

So undoubtedly, that confusion led to so many other confusion because when I couldn’t remember which person had the name dfhbfbwef, it created a massive problem when that someone was referred again in the books. This, paired along with the huge number of characters in the book, was a stress to my little brain because I really wanted to know every character that breathed around the protagonists and why were they so important. But so many details and so many characters made me feel weary.

I don’t read many political dystopian books, so maybe it’s just the rookie in me uselessly complaining, but I felt that the description of the politics and the history was a little exceeded. At the expense of cutting down a few pages, I think it could’ve been contained.

But the writer knows the best what to give the reader and when to give it to them. So I guess I’ll leave it to that explanation.

Enough of these issues, let me go back to the beginning. Remember when I spoke about two scenarios? I did face one of the two.

I kinda liked the book. Wait, I really liked the book. So you must’ve guessed which scenario it is.

I cannot wait for the second part. And being a broke university student doesn’t really help when you’re in the middle of a revolution-driven novel with more in the series yet to be released.

At certain moments of the book, I literally had to go to a previous page to read and wonder, how the hell did the writer describe that scene so perfectly that I don’t remember the words but I remember the scene in my head? Vic’s writing is phenomenal. You might get lost at times, but the fact nevertheless stays the same.

In hopes that maybe one day Vic will see this, I just want to let out my questions and thoughts.

What happens?

I don’t want to give out any spoiler in case anyone wants to read the book, but the cliffhanger is killing me. And it’s not only about the cliffhanger, so many lives changed by the time we reached the end, and by changed I mean really changed, if you understand who I’m pointing my finger at. (That was the saddest part of the book for me.) I still don’t know who had what interest in whatever that happened. Almost every character now are on their own, and is this just the beginning to an end?

There are only certain books that make you think about almost all the characters that are in the story. From Oz to Doc to Abi to Dog to Silyen to Zelston’s lover whose name I cannot pronounce. I am excited about everyone‘s story-line. That’s a rare thing to find, albeit risky.

DEAR VIC: Thank you for raising my interest once again in dystopian fantasy books. Also, I hope that we don’t see many new characters in the next book, or I’ll need to have a list of character references written in a piece of paper next time. This definitely deserves more attention than it currently receives, truly. Wish you all the best with the release of the second book. Hoping to have it in my hands soon.

Always look at the people, not at the mass. A face, not the crowd. Look at the world, not at the ground. Every little detail you see is a victory.

book talk is less than a critical book review but more than a book news. as i have already stated before that it is not in my ability to critique a book, so i have come with book talk – the space where i talk about books i have read and discuss the likes and dislikes regarding the story.

that being said, the books most probably won’t be brand new releases. but hey, it’s something to start with. (sub-text: i’m broke af to afford books that have just released)

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