let’s all be stars

i’m tired of the perfection that people want to shove in our faces. not on our faces, but yes, in our faces. into our faces, to be precise and quite literal.

i don’t understand how hypocritical a swarm of people can be when they say that they value inner beauty more than outer beauty and then blindly go on to prove themselves and their words a lie.

be yourself, they say and they scream it over and over again. and then go on to flutter their eyelashes and smile that white smile to ask us to use a product that will make me glow white in just seven days. they have the audacity to think that being ‘fair’ will bring me success and a huge car and a huge house, and make me ace that fucking interview that i never got into. because why not? because beauty over brains, right?

let me give a break to those monologue advertisements for a second here. let me just jump over that be-beautiful-from-the-inside hypothesis, and talk about the next stage of heightened perfection.

oh, tell me more about the woman empowering movie you just watched, and tell me more about the movie of the regular-middle-class indian girl who woke up with her gold earrings on. and don’t forget about that movie where the girl is shy and an underdog because she is said to be one of the ‘uncool’ ones whereas all this while, she never looked one shade of ‘uncool’.

i don’t know if this is poor direction on the film-makers’ parts or just my mediocre observation skills (or maybe i’m merely being a whiny being wanting to do something else than studying control unit in computer architecture, but here i am).

so yeah, that flawlessness blinds my eye, oh my!

them perfect curls and the highlighter that everyone suddenly has even while working in the kitchen under the steam of your overcooked bacon; those shaved arms and legs when the protagonist has been mourning something tragic for over a month; that no-acne crowd of people because we’re all living in an alternate reality of real bad skin care system; that amazing figure everybody seemingly gets to possess because apparently obesity is not a problem in today’s world; those biceps and flat stomach with abs because gym membership is a basic necessity in our world, right? you know that i can go on, but my fingers aren’t manicured enough like in those movies to bear the pain.

you’ll tell me that it’s a movie, it’s meant to be glamourized and pleasing to the eyes and all that stuff; and trust me, i’ve heard it all. and i don’t disagree.

but then these people tell me that they wanted the movie to hit home and that they wanted the truth to be shown to the public and that the movie was meant for the real people with real problems, and then comes another heap of lies and manipulations. and that, my friend, is where it all goes wrong.

i have been one of the victims. you know those beauty apps that erase your dark spots and acne so effectively, making you look like a product right out of a porcelain factory? imagine my happiness and excitement when i first got introduced to the world of face editing. it was huge, not only from the point of view of an end user, but also as an enthusiast of all things tech.

let me admit it, i’ve used it. i’ve smoothened my skin multiple times and i’ve attained that clear spotless skin for some of my photos. but then i asked myself a question, is that what people really look for in a person?

maybe yes, maybe no. either way, that is not who i really am. undoubtedly, i looked a thousand times better than the cow i look like now, and somewhere it did feel a little good, i’m not going to lie. but how much control was i willing to hand over to the virtual world where i value the physical touch so much more.

you’d think i have a problem with people dressed nice in general. but you couldn’t be more wrong. i have a problem with the incorrect portrayal of people. we look up to the big screens. we want to dress like the ones in their silver gown and comb our hair like the ones in studded jackets. we want to live lives that resembles theirs and we want to shadow the personalities that are p o r t r a y e d as perfection and blemish-free but in reality, are not.

they tell us that perfection is attainable and they tell us that it is easy. they make us work for something that is not the truth but merely an illusion. something which doesn’t even matter! they tell us that being fair is the key and that spraying a deodorant makes you a seduction-machine that gets you girls and that hair-removal is an issue of such importance and that you need a ‘mardowali’ cream because… confidence?

what a slap to all who are dark and successful. only makes me wonder how ahead i would’ve been in life if i were fair or if i had used the cream that one pseudo-sparkling model was telling me to use.

well, seems like i’ll be missing out on a hell lot of things.

to clear out another opposition: i am not bashing people who use fairness creams or who like to shave their hands every week. no. i am bashing the people who endorse it, who make it seem like the only way of life. i’m bashing those who come up with the idea of it, who think it’s okay to manipulate naive minds into believing that pleasing-to-the-eyes is the only thing that matters.

because, it doesn’t. perfection is over-rated, and if you’ve read my earlier posts, you’d know that this is one thing that i emphasize upon time and again because this needs to be known to the world. perfection should not be your goal.

lower case intended.

scribbles are the words of a sudden muse where i tell stories and uncensored thoughts without edits, not giving in to the grammar police. these are not proper posts and will often lack consistency and a proper voice (as if my other posts house that thing bwahaha). scribbles is a sudden spark in my cynicism and thus, contain sporadic meanings that even i fail to explain at times.

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