take it slow

there are so many people in this world.

let alone the world, there are so many lives that you’ve touched,  and so many lives that have touched yours, and so many lives you’ve seen from a distance. and it’s crazy!

the moment you log into your facebook and scroll miles of people’s never-ending anecdotes and stories, have you wondered that each of those people are real? when you go through your twitter, instagram, youtube – do you realise the count of people you’re directly and indirectly interacting with?

this is both overwhelming and dangerous at the same time, and i can’t even explain why.

each and every ‘account’ that you come across, from memes to internet personalities to just another random fan-account, they are flesh and blood behind their screens and most of all, they are an individual. individuals we fail to understand.

and that is why i said, ‘there are so many people in this world’, because there are and it’s impossible for us to understand each one of them and yet we pretend like we do. we are so quick and spontaneous in adding a label to someone we’ve barely met in real life; and the idea of this is scary. that a mere virtual presence now has the ability to define who you are in real life. that a mere virtual presence now also has the power to either grand or destroy your real life.

we see a certain photo on our newsfeed, and immediately, we have an opinion about the person. i know it’s inevitable but it’s also something that we shouldn’t be proud of.

we use a hard and fast cemented rule to judge each and every person that we see – the same rule to the diversity of people. just think about it. we observe each individual as a group, as a mass, and as something so collective that we often forget that people live their lives as one. not as a group.

i’m not saying that i don’t judge people. i believe that we just cannot survive without doing so, but there’s also a nagging guilt about it in my gut that told me to scribble this out.

there are people who like salad and then there are people who like pasta; from people who like to wear salwar to people who love to show themselves in a bikini; from people who love classical music to people listening to bubblepop – this globe is h u g e and our vision so narrow. we want to see and achieve perfection, when even the air around us is not ideal. we are invested so much in making things flawless and according-to-the-plan and just right, that we forget perfection does not exist. and that it simply cannot exist.

not because perfection is unattainable, but because our idea of perfection is.

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