A New Start. Again.

So I waited. I waited for the 31st and 1st to pass by. I waited for all the resolutions, new-year-new-me thing to be done and over with. And I waited for that hype to be over before starting this. Because we all need to be honest for a second.

The first thing I want to say is that you don’t need a new year to begin the change and to chase your dreams. Don’t think that just because you’re halfway through the year, you are not allowed to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

But you know what, I get it, I really do. We all need that one checkpoint sort of start where we believe we can start all over again, forgetting the past and its memories to turn a fresh leaf.

And maybe, just maybe, that is exactly where we go wrong. You don’t have to forget your past. You don’t even have to ignore like things never happened. What you are today, where you are today, it is all the cumulative of the tiniest and the biggest action that you have ever taken. So why detach those from yourselves?

Your past has shaped the present you.

I believe that this is something that we all need to understand. We need to stop running away from things. You might get wishes that hope you have nothing but rainbow and sunshine in your life, but well, I know you know that that can never happen.

In fact, so much of goodness is not even healthy. So, to everyone out there, I wish you tears and I wish you laughter. I wish you success and I wish you failure. I wish you make-ups and I wish you heartbreaks. And most of all, I wish you experiences – experiences which will make you a better version of yourself.I wish you moments that will morph you into something very extraordinary and incredible.

And now that we’re talking about this, you know what, go easy on yourself. This is more often left unsaid.


There might be something you want to change about yourself or something around you, and you know that you have to work it. And the more noticeable thing here is to make an effort, rather than the question if you complete it in the given time limit.

Everything takes time. Some take more than the other. But that shouldn’t mean that you work vigorously until one day, you just get exhausted of it, and abandon it all of a sudden and for good.

Give yourself some time, and work on the crevices that need to filled up.

If you believe that new beginnings do come with a new year, then, let’s do it. Let us all work on ourselves, let us all thrive to be better than how we left 2016  mentally, physically, emotionally and morally. Let us change ourselves before aiming to change the people around us.

Let us make a difference; and even when it is easier said than done, what is stopping us from making a difference? Start small, start basic, but start. Because sometimes, all you need to is start without worrying whether or not you’ll end up where you aim to.

Who knows maybe you’ll end up somewhere better than what you had previously aimed for.

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