Pro Kabaddi: Le Panga

In a country where Cricket is the sport that is viewed and loved by most of the countrymen, I think that Pro Kabaddi definitely plays a very important and cardinal role in spreading information and excitement about the sport.

I’m not going to lie – I’m a massive fan of Cricket myself, and I never really watched any other sport other than it. But, from the first season of Pro Kabaddi itself, I have loved every match of it.

It’s fresh; it’s short; it keeps you at the edge of your seat; and it is one of the sports of the country the make me feel – it makes me feel Indian.

And now, I would like to give a special mention to Abhishek Bachchan and all the other celebrities who came forward to support this under-rated sport. No matter how much we deny, for something to get popular, we do need something popular to back it up. And kudos and a BIG hand to them, who have been spreading the essence and awareness about the game.

This cannot go without an appreciation.

Also, Pro Kabaddi has put in enough of an effort to reach out to the people of the country, with inviting known personalities to initiate the match, the mobile card game, and the flawless and to-the-point commentary. They have definitely come a big way from the first season to the current season.


If you haven’t watched Pro Kabaddi yet, you definitely should. You won’t find a Free Hit or a Penalty here, but to keep matters interesting, they’ve got to offer you a Super Raid or Super Tackle. It’s so similar and yet so different from all the other sports.

This is one game where without the team unity, your team is absolutely nothing. It’s a game where you have to be aware of your surroundings every second – from where the bonus line is, to if one of your legs was in the air while crossing it, to if you’ve stepped into the lobby, to the fear of not getting too close to the raider.

it’s a plethora of excitement!

Not to forget the management of the series. The entire playtime of Kabaddi will keep you entertained. From the amazing graphics of each team (this has to be my most favourite and exciting part!) to the part where goosebumps arise due to the National Anthem.

pro kabaddi

So let’s not waste time. Today, 31st July 2016 marks the day of the FINAL PANGA. The finale will take place along with the match deciding the teams in the 3rd and 4th place, and also the final of the Women’s Kabaddi Challenge.

So today, while I sit back with my father and enjoy the game; you too should not miss the epic battle between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Patna Pirates. You are bound to enjoy the clash and the fun and passion that follows.


To follow the latest news about the current and upcoming seasons, follow them here, and wish your teams good luck.

Le Panga!

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