I’ve Officially Lost Faith in This World


In all honesty and with every inch of disgust that I can gather up, which isn’t really that tough of a job right now, I can surely announce that I’ve lost faith in this world. It was not one instance, but many instances stacked up together which made me feel this way.

Also, this is going to get long and maybe offensive (but on a second note, at least I’m not making fun of anybody, so it might not be that offensive after all). Anyway, you have the option to stick with it or just, let it go.

The world is a bully. It will bully you if you love someone from your own sex. It will bully you if you try to keep your head down and walk your own way. It will bully you if you make mistakes and later realise them. It will bully you if you so much as even breathe, claiming that you’re polluting the air. It will bully you for every fucking thing that it can find; because you know what? Bullying does not need a reason, and it won’t spare you.

Bullying is baseless and heartless.

So yeah, the world is heartless.

And now I feel a slight bit of guilt making its way up my throat because I just called the world a bully. Why should I blame the world for something that the people inhabiting it are doing? But well, I can’t care enough now.

Ten minutes ago maybe, I was scrolling through my facebook feed because I am pretty jobless right now and I have no other work than to scroll endlessly and watch people confine their real lives to virtuality.  Well, let’s not digress and save this for some other time.

So, as I was scrolling, you know there are those endless lifestyle blogs that pop up with ’11 Things You Should Think Before You Die’ and ‘This Actor Just Had a Wardrobe Malfunction, and You Won’t Believe What Happened After’? Yes, those; there was a series of such posts.

I was more than glad to give them a pass, until, my eyes focused on one particular news that they delivered. I’m not taking the name of the artist, but you would easily know who I am talking about if you like to be updated with celebrity gossips.

The news went something like this (the exact words, go search it up in case you feel I’m making this up): ‘[insert artist name] Fell on Stage AGAIN and This Time We Are Sorry!

The title doesn’t sound bad, right? Well, I thought so too and clicked on it, looking for a nice and feel-good article about how they were sorry that they had made fun of the artist earlier but they were sorry now because the aforementioned artist had come up with a brilliant response after he fell.

The reply was: Life’s about taking falls, and life’s about getting back up!

Now, I found this pretty appreciable. People slip. People fall. People trip. People fucking lose balance when they’re dancing or jumping and singing at the same time and maintaining a crowd of thousands!

But apparently, falling doesn’t sound so normal to some people and they accept it as an ice-breaking news. How they never fail to surprise me! When the link opened up, I was greatly disappointed in my expectations because what I found could not be referred as an article at all, all it had were –

(1) The video of the fall

(2) Another video of the fall

(3) Some embedded instagram posts to make it look cool

(4) One embedded tweet to make it look cooler

(5) ‘Whatever! It was still funny. Hahahaaha’

(6) ‘[…one irrelevant line…] We say, let the series of fall continue! It is hilarious AF!’

That’s it. That’s an article that the web-media has come up with, and I’m appalled, more so because I believe myself to be a part of it too; and this downright irks me.

Now you might say: vidhi! It’s just a joke, sober up! learn to be tolerant! 

I get it, okay? I get it that it might be in some sense, funny. I don’t take that right away from you. And if you look at it, yes, okay, fine, absolutely, it might seem a little fun and a little hilarious to see someone fall. It’s natural. I GET IT, and I hope I don’t need to repeat myself over this.

But, there’s always a but. We are supposed to help each other stand up; we are not supposed to bring others down. I don’t get it why people think that it is so cool to demean others? If you have the answer to it, I would gladly listen to you all day and night.

If a baby tumbles while walking, you laugh at first. Fine. Next, you find it hilarious. Fine again. But you don’t fucking encourage the baby to fall over and over again because that’s your damned only source of entertainment for your boring life!

Pardon me on my language and the hype; you might find my outburst an excess, but this is serious, guys – to me, at least! I will sit back and chill, but if this is really the thing that the internet and the youth of today preaches, I am sorry but this is definitely not something I want to relate myself to.

I know I might be making ‘til ka taad‘; but there is nothing hilarious af in making fun of someone just because they are famous.

How about you try this? Fall a flight of stairs – have your friend record it – let your friend post it on the internet – and let random blogs post about how stupid and funny you look. Oh, and you get a discount which many others don’t – (1) you don’t have to be under a microscope (2) you don’t have to have other videos of you messing up ever again

Try this once and if you’re okay with it, forget about this post and I’’ll pretend that I’m okay with this too. And if you still think that I’m over-reacting – like I said, this is not the only thing that made me lose my faith on this world, it’s an integration of many such incidents.

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