It’s okay if you failed yesterday.

Today is a new day.

This lifestyle is a marathon,

not a sprint.


You might say that the title of this post sounds like a desperate attempt at giving condolence to the losing side, but let me get this out of the way once and for all. I really do believe that losing is okay; the same way that I believe that not being okay is actually okay.

Humans are very fragile – you, me, everyone we’ve touched and everyone we haven’t – we’re all fragile, little beings disillusioned into the possibility that everything should be perfect for us, that everything should be a cakewalk and that shame be pushed down our skin should we lose.

Everywhere I look, I see people afraid to take up the next step, afraid to the right thing, afraid to do what what the heart says, afraid to just do things; but under the layer, it’s just people afraid to fail.

Failure – it’s a big word, and very common too. It is a word recognized with disappointment and not-good-enough-ness. It is seen as a word, which, if associated with a person, makes the person unacceptable. A word which takes the finest root of evil in the soil of humanity.

But, failure does not have to represent any of the following.

What do you reckon, that Mark Zuckerberg built his social network without any failure; or did one fine idea just pop into his head and that facebook was ready the next day?

Do you think that Vishwanathan Anand became a Grand Master overnight? That he never lost a match against someone? That he too, was invincible when it came to a 8×8 chess board?

Did J. K, Rowling never face rejection for her books? Did she not fail multiple times before she finally succeeded like no one else had before her?

Or do you think that Sachin Tendulkar never missed a shot, or that he never played the wrong flick of his bat, or that he had been scoring centuries ever since he picked up his bat?

Everyone, and I repeat EVERYONE has failed once. Messi, Seteve Jobs, the boy next door, Jennifer Lawrence, insert any name here has failed not only once, but more than once in their lives.

Long story short, failure is inevitable.

I know it; I have faced failure many a times, more than I can count. Some might be in too literal sense, when I failed a test; but the more horrifying failure is when I fail myself. And yes, that has happened way too happened too.

And failing oneself is the most difficult kind of failure to get through. But you know what? Like I said, failure is inevitable.

When you accept your loss and its benefit, you are not being a coward, you are being a human, rare of its kind.

It’s alright if you make mistakes, if you fail, and if you think like everything just burned itself into ashes. We are all humans after all, and this is as human as you can get. But if there’s one thing that you need to keep etched into your brain, it is that you are allowed to stumble then fall, but not stumble after the fall.

Also; failure is the only thing that can stop you from bumping into more failures.

Failing teaches.

Failing helps you get back up.

Failing helps you know the worth of passing.

And, failing builds a better you.

If you fail today, you eliminate the possibility of failing over the same thing again. You are already one obstacle past towards your goal. You may fail today, and tomorrow, and after tomorrow, and after that; but really, how many ways are there to fail? A finite number, I’m afraid.

So let’s not be afraid to take the step.

Did you lose? Oh, how about you get back on your feet and try again? You have to learn from your failures to truly overcome it. So if you have already failed in something, why don’t you put that experience to some good use, and take all the knowledge you can from it.


Failing is okay. Stop seeing it as the evil word that the society has so well told you to stay away from. Stop being afraid because you don’t want to live that way!

You have to give yourself chances, and you have to prove yourself to no one else, but you, most of all.

Without failure, what good is success; will it taste sweet enough? Only if you lose yourself in your path, will you have the opportunity to discover new paths. It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to pay attention to the words of failure.

After all, failure is a detour and not a dead-end street.


There is nothing as a true winning side, and a true losing side. In many a cases, a person winning has so much to lose, and a person losing has so much to gain. Only when a person has lost, does he have something to gain with an even greater hunger.

It is upon you to decide if you always want to win, with something to lose, or have a little of both: lose some and win some. Because at the end of the day, it’s not really you who can decide the outcome but rather the attitude you possess towards it.

Because if anything, this is one universal truth:


So, what is it that you have adapted? Do you want to be a cold figure detesting loss, or a wise figure greeting loss as a teacher?

The world, my dear friend, is a risk house; it throws challenges at you not to judge you on the fact whether you get through them or not, but to judge you whether you face it or not.


[ we’ve all failed one time or the other and i’m sure and i believe that you have got past it. so if you are reading this, please take a minute and comment below your experience with failure and how you tackled it.

it would not only help you feel confident about it the next time, but also encourage others should they find themselves in a position similar to yours.

as for me, i will be posting my experience in the near future too; but i would absolutely love to hear from you!

xx vidhi ]


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